Melinda’s Hair Extension Story!

June 4, 2023

“My lifestyle definitely feels like it’s always on the go. I work as a nurse for half of the week, and when I’m off I usually stay busy going out to new restaurants, breweries, concerts, or doing anything outside with my friends! San Diego always has something new to do, so I like to stay busy exploring the city!

I have wanted thick long hair since I can remember! My hair has always been thin but during college I developed a health condition that thinned out my hair even more – to the point I had bald patches. It took a big hit to my self esteem and every time I went out I was always worried about having to hide these spots. I was so sick and tired of always worrying about having my hair perfectly placed, or worrying about if anyone could see the patches. It was constant and it made it very hard for me to be confident in how I looked.

I tell everyone who talks about wanting hair extensions but being worried about the price that this is without a doubt the best purchase I’ve ever made and I have NEVER regretted spending the money on my extensions. The boost to my confidence is indescribable! If I had to give up every other beauty splurge in order to keep my extensions I would in a heartbeat. I always feel like my best self.

I have only ever had NBR/IBE hair extensions and I probably would have never gotten any other kind of extension. I feel like the NBR/IBE extensions are without a doubt the most natural looking (people are always shocked when I tell them I have extensions), and I’ve never had problems with damage since I got them over a year ago. Since my hair was already really thin, it was very important for me to find a method that didn’t add any damage to my natural hair.

Hair extensions have made my life easier in so many ways. Before I had extensions I used to wash and style my hair every day, and now I can easily get by without washing my hair for 5-7 days. I also now only style my hair once a week and maybe do a few touch-ups, if need be, throughout the week. Since I am already going into the salon every 8 weeks to have the extensions moved up, I am able to trim my hair during those appointments. All of this has given my hair a chance to grow longer and so much healthier this past year. Not to mention it’s cut down on my day to day time trying to style my hair. Lastly, the constant worry of whether others can see my thinner areas has completely disappeared! I can go out and just be confident of myself and how I look. Extensions truly changed my life in that aspect!

All in all, hair extensions were the best thing I ever did for myself. I feel like it gave me my confidence back and has made me feel more comfortable with myself in my everyday life. Another benefit is that they’re the absolute best accessory that ties together any outfit! If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions – DO IT! You will not regret it one bit, and Briana and her team at Green and Anchor Salon are without a doubt the best people to trust with your hair!”

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