How to Protect your Hair and Body from Chlorine & Heavy Metals

June 4, 2023

Have you ever heard that there is Chlorine & heavy Metals in your shower water? It is harsh truth.. not only for your skin but also your beautiful hair!

So what does Chlorine do to your body & why is this bad for you?

Chlorine removes the protective oils from your skin, and can potentially worsen skin conditions like eczema. Keep in mind that because our bodies seek to fix imbalances, dried out skin actually promotes oil over-production and can cause or worsen acne. These minerals can cause breakouts, dry skin, and create a buildup that changes your hair texture as well as hair color!

If you have colored hair, the chlorine will prematurely fade the color and leave your hair looking flat and dull.. yuck! Other metals such as Iron and copper particles bind to hair, causing green or red tint.

There is a solution!!!

Here at Green + Anchor Salon we know how much our clients’ hair means to them, that’s why we recommend our clients getting a shower filter for their showers at home. When chlorine content is eliminated in your water, the water is much gentler on your hair and skin and no longer bears a harsh chemical smell.

We recommend Raindrops!

The Raindrops Shower Filter protects your skin and hair by filtering and removing up to 99% of waterborne chlorine, mineral, heavy metal, bacteria, and algae in your shower water. Raindrops purifies your water in a 6 step filtration process that transforms your ordinary bath time into a natural rain shower experience, leaving your hair and skin looking as radiant and fresh as it feels! It is a custom formulated filter combining Organic Coconut Peat Active Carbon, KDF-55, and Calcium Sulfite and removes up to 99% of large particles, dissolved metals such as iron and copper, and harmful chemicals like chlorine from your shower.

(It is extremely easy to install, Raindrops filter uses the 1/2″ National Pipe Thread, Which is standard in most typical showers.. so easy!)

Why Raindrops over other shower filters?? Aside from everything above, we love to brag about the fact that these filters were created by Hair Stylists to specifically remove all the harsh chemicals from our water that negatively effect our hair & skin.

At Green + Anchor, we want all of our clients to feel and look your best! If your water possesses high levels of chlorine that are agitating your skin and hair, a shower filter is a necessary addition to your home!! Grab one next time you’re in the salon or stop by to get one anytime!

You wouldn’t drink unfiltered water so why shower in it?

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