How We Became a Certified Sustainable Salon!

June 4, 2023

The world is facing a climate crisis but we are fighting back with the help of our partners at Green Circle Salons! Thanks to them, we are able to recycle up to 95% of our salon waste!

We recycle foils from highlights, used color tubes, gloves, processing caps, plastic bottles, glass bottles, hair clippings & unused color.

63,000 lbs of hair gets thrown away every single day.

Every garbage bag of hair produces greenhouse gasses as it tries to break down, which contributes to climate change.

Over 42,000 lbs of excess hair color, lightener and toner is thrown away every day.

When rinsed down the drain, it can find it’s way back into our drinking water and soil.

Over 110,00 lbs of unused metal, including hair foils, is thrown away every day in salons in North America.

That’s over half the weight of a commercial airplane.

Green Circle Salons is the hair industry’s first sustainable salon solution dedicated to fighting beauty waste and climate change. Since 2009, they have been making a positive impact on the environment, climate, and beauty industry. Their whole goal is to help salons and spas be green, build revenue, gain clients, and save money in a way that’s ethical and simple. They do that while also ensuring our own operations and practices are carbon neutral and sustainable. Green Circle Salons has been certified by B Corp and The Carbon Trust to acknowledge that they (and we) meet the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. They are the ONLY waste management company in North America to meet ALL of the requirements for Zero Waste to Landfill Certification!

Aside from partnering with Green Circle Salons, at Green + Anchor we strive to use and offer the most sustainable resources such as: recycled paper materials, organic & fair trade drinks and snacks, environmentally friendly cleaning products, recyclable coffee pods, reusable cleaning towels and more!

Thank you for joining us in helping our beautiful planet stay healthy!

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