We Are One Of The Top 50 OWAY Salons In The World!

June 4, 2023

We made it to the TOP 50 salons IN THE WORLD who communicate a distinctive identity and represent and embody the core values of Organic Way (OWAY). We were 1 out of 7 salons chosen in North America!

OWAY is the world’s first professional organic hair color, care and styling line with biodynamic, organic and fair trade ingredients. OWAY color achieves professional results without the use of common salon toxins.

We are so humbled to say this as it shows us everything we’ve envisioned and worked for to provide a clean-air salon space is being spread to more and more salons around the world. As stylists and clients, we can be exposed to many chemicals and toxic fumes when spending time in the salon, which isn’t something many people think about as they’re getting their hair done. But we have, we’ve experienced our own issues with chemicals from products, and having this safe space for us to continue what we love and provide it to our clients is all we could ask for.

Being a part of the OWAY tribe has given us just that.



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