Megan’s Hair Extension Story

June 4, 2023

“I have worn extensions on and off for many years now. I have worn many different methods. Tape-ins being the ones I wore most, but I never felt that they were that great. I was always trying to hide them and felt limited to only wearing my hair down or in a low pony and I truly didn’t feel confident while wearing them and as a stylist I just wasn’t impressed.

I soon learned about NBR and knew that I not only had to try them out for myself but also get certified to offer them to my clients. I decided to get them done with Bri at Green + Anchor back in 2018 and see what all the rage was about. I instantly fell in love and I’ve never looked back!! I was so impressed with the look, feel and versatility of them.

Having extensions is now a part of who I am. They are an investment – but the best investments we make are the ones we do for ourselves. Not only do they create instant gratification, they help fill in areas around my face that have less density, create full buns and pony tails (High and Low), playful braids and add more volume all around, but mostly my extensions have given me more confidence. I truly feel like a powerful sexy Goddess when I have them and to me there’s no better feeling!

Added bonus… I get to create this same feeling for my clients. There is nothing better than the feeling of helping someone feel more powerful in their being.”

xo Meg

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