Rachel’s Hair Extension Story!

June 4, 2023

“I’m so happy I get to share the story of my hair extension journey with you & those who will benefit from reading this newsletter.

At fourteen years old, my very first paying job was a front desk receptionist at a new salon near my house. At one point I had a consultation for Fusion Hair Extensions. I decided against it because I wouldn’t be able to run my fingers through my hair.

Recently, as one of my best girlfriends was finishing up her cosmetology license, she shared with me about her tape in extensions. When worn down and curled they looked beautiful, but I didn’t love how pronounced the tape was & how you couldn’t wear your hair up. Although I did like the idea of longer length, so I decided to look up which extensions were the best.

At this point I started reading articles by other women who shared their experience with NBR & IBE hand tied extensions. One day while out on the town I noticed a gal who had incredibly beautiful hair. I complimented her and asked where she had it done – sure enough she responded, “Green + Anchor Salon!” One look at their Instagram page and I applied right away. Who wouldn’t want to finally achieve their dream hair?

I enjoyed the length the extensions brought the moment they were installed. One thing I am surprised about is how I enjoy the volume the extensions brought, even more than I enjoy the length. Even if I went shorter I would keep in one row to fill out my volume. Truthfully, I spend less time worrying about my hair in the morning because I braid it at night to keep it healthy, so styling is easy. Most days I wear it down with loose curls or beach waves.

Oh, and my guy thinks it looks better as well. ;)”

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