Miranda’s Hair Extension Story

June 4, 2023

“I was introduced to the extension world when I started working at Green + Anchor Salon as the Salon Coordinator! Everyday I would see clients come in for their extension appointments and got to see their AMAZING transformations! I was immediately intrigued after seeing the confidence boost it brought to clients!

I originally have dark brown hair, but a year ago I decided to highlight my hair to become as blonde as possible! It was hard for me to maintain a light base without damaging my natural hair. Before installing my extensions my hair was breaking and was super uneven! The stylists at G+A introduced me to extensions and informed me that I could achieve my blonde hair without lightening my hair and just adding light extensions! This was AMAZING news to hear, so I immediately setup an appointment.

I’ve been getting my extensions done at Green + Anchor since January 2021 and have alternated from NBR and IBE methods. Both methods have been seamless and comfortable to wear. Fitness is a huge part of my life so I was worried about putting my hair up, but my extensions are so easy to toss up into a high pony or fun French braids!

My extensions are so easy to manage and allow me to achieve so many different hairstyles! I truly feel more like myself with extensions and they make me feel like a beautiful, powerful goddess! The investment is so worth the reward.”

xo Miranda

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