Our Founder’s Clean Beauty Story & How G+A Became Possible…

June 4, 2023

Clean beauty for Green + Anchor goes way back to when I was in my early twenties. I started to learn that what I put in and on my body was extremely important for my health. I became passionate about clean eating and transitioning all of my household products including beauty products.

I constantly felt like I was living in two worlds – being a hair stylist I was around chemicals all day long, and then at home I was trying to live a clean, earth friendly life. In fact I almost left the beauty industry twice because of it!

It wasn’t until I found Simply Organic Beauty that everything changed for me. They offered holistic hair products and color that actually worked just as well as conventional products, while adding so many beneficial ingredients from the earth.

This bridged the gap between nature and beauty for me and I was finally able to have my dream salon without feeling like my two worlds were competing with each other.

Today at Green + Anchor we use three amazing product lines: Innersense, OWAY, and Original & Mineral. Each provide a unique clean beauty path to meet the needs of every individual.”

xo, Bri 🌿

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